The Publish House offers authors editing services designed for their individual writing needs. Kelly Waldrop, our Chief Editing Officer, works with authors whose writing is in all different states of completion, from those who are just mulling over ideas and need help getting started to those who have finished drafts that just need a quick polish. With decades of experience in teaching composition and a doctorate in education, Kelly can quickly assess what you need to jump start your writing process and get that draft finished or to simply knock off those last few edges to make your ideas shine. More than a proofreading service, The Publish House provides authors with one-on-one, personal writing advice that is geared to helping set their ideas free into the world so that they can make the biggest impact possible.

Kelly also provides customized writing workshops for schools and businesses to help their students and employees gain confidence in their writing abilities, from learning how to speed up your paper grading process to writing the perfect email.